Devour Any Good Books Lately?

September 24, 2010 at 5:49 pm Leave a comment

My pride and joy is my extensive classroom library, meticulously stocked with books that are appealing and, from time to time, edifying. I check books out to my students without much concern as to when or if they’ll be returned, a luxury I can afford due to strategically shopping the 4/$1 shelves at the thrift stores, as well as being an incorrigible book collector.

(I figure that if a kid steals a book, they must have liked it – and that’s a quarter, or even $3, well spent. If a kid loses a book, someone will find it and it will have a new life somewhere. And because I label them, I usually get them back sooner or later.)

Anyway, one of my students come creeping into my room the other day, very much with her tail between her legs.

“Hey,” she said. “Uhm. Mrs. Bees?”

“Yes, J?”

“I don’t really know how to say this… so, uhm…”

And with that, she reached into her bag and pulled out the book I’d lent her the previous week.



I couldn’t get a word in edgewise as the apologies poured out of J. “I’m so sorry. My stupid brother left his puppy downstairs without watching it. He says he’ll replace it. I’ll totally pay for it. I’m so sorry…”

I took the book and busted up laughing.

J couldn’t help but grin. “I mean, I couldn’t very well come in here and tell you my dog ate my homework.”


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