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February 19, 2010 at 12:07 pm 2 comments

I’ve been bad about updating. I’m still sick – pushing two months now – and I’m taking two graduate classes that periodically kick my butt, and I’m teaching some stuff I’ve never taught before… even when I find the inspiration to post, the energy or time is usually lacking. Today I’ve got a nasty hot headache, and all I want to do is go home and go to bed, but our district is having a sub shortage so they’re begging us not to take time off, especially near weekends or holidays, unless it’s an absolute emergency. And this isn’t – I’ve taught through worse, and I’ve got an easy lesson set up.
I met with the principal with my course proposal, and he really liked it. I’m officially recruiting students for my creative writing/online publications class. It could all still fall through, but I’m hoping – oh my goodness gracious, am I hoping. Of course, this all assumes that I’m staying here next year and not seeking greener pastures. This is probably true. I’m wondering more about the possibility of moving my house than of moving my job, which I guess is a good sign?
Three of my students were caught in the school locker room smoking pot last week. They got a couple of days of suspension. Shouldn’t you end up in legal trouble for smoking pot at school? Maybe they did. All I know is that they’re back in school, and if other students hadn’t told me what had happened, I never would have known. Not that I really think that smoking marijuana is a huge thing that I need to know as a teacher… although in this case, it would be good to know that these three (who are all in the same class of mine) are A) really bad for each other and B) have very poor judgment.
About half of my first class today was absent. This is day one of two days we’re devoting to a big paper. Why were they absent, you ask? Did they all catch the swine? Has bacterial pneumonia struck my school? Was there a band trip, or a choir festival? Oh no – there’s apparently some snowboarding event going on up the hill. I love that I’m told I shouldn’t take a sick day on Fridays, but half my kids don’t have to show up… oh, that’s just the crankiness talking. But still. Parents!
I’m really excited about the big paper we’re writing. I’m trying to decide whether I want to share it here. Doing so will require DIVULGING MY SECRET IDENTITY. Maybe a password? It kicks some butts and takes some names, that’s fo sho.


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Sick Never Negotiate With a Dinosaur

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  • 1. OKP  |  February 20, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Sorry about the sickness. I hope you are on the mend soon.

    I want to hear about the lesson! But I don’t want you to have to divulge your alter ego!

  • 2. Kit  |  March 5, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Password! I want to read all about the lesson too.


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