August 11, 2009 at 9:56 am 1 comment

It’s Tuesday. I’ve got keys to my classroom and the code for the burglar alarm. My bookcases are in my room, along with a love seat, most of my posters (many of which won’t do for high school), my school supplies, and about half of my books.

The other half of my books are in boxes in my garage. Today I’ve set up a base camp on my back porch – extension cord through the window for the laptop – to go through those boxes and weed out the middle lever readers. I had a wide range of reading levels on my seventh grade bookshelves, but I won’t need Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys for sophomores. Fortunately, there’s a lot of good YA lit in there, too.

Going to box up the no-longer-wanted books and, because I don’t really foresee going back to middle school, find them a new home. There was a gal who student taught at my last school, who recently got hired in a junior high one town past the town in which I will now teach. (Wow, that’s a train wreck of a technically-correct sentence.) She indicated interest, but I’m not positive how to get them to her. Worst case, I’ll donate them to the library or Goodwill. After all, that’s where most of them came from…

I don’t intend to drive out to CHS unless I find out that my P-card is ready, in which case I might just waste the gas and do it. I’m really anxious to start getting my supplies before all of the good sales run out. Our area Target all but gives away crayons and whatnot, and while not a standard sophomore school supply, I like to use stuff like that occasionally. Will need notebooks, etc….

Tomorrow is Wednesday. For three days starting tomorrow, I’ll be sitting in a (probably over-ACed) room being taught how to be a teacher in my new district. Joy of joys. I’m hoping that the good/necessary information I’ll receive will be worth the hours of stuff I already knew.

Friday afternoon I go back to CHS to meet my building mentor.

I’m in a concert Saturday evening.

The following Wednesday I have my “Benefits Fair” all afternoon, and I’m hoping it is less of a disaster than my last one. No district could possibly be as disorganized as my last, right?

That Friday, and the following Monday, are teacher work days at CHS.

Monday is also the first day of school at the university. I’ve basically decided not to try to take classes this fall – a decision aided by the fact that there aren’t any good classes scheduled when I can take them.

Tuesday is the first day of school at CHS…


So basically, I’ve got six days of “freedom” left. Of course, being a teacher, I have to rename that “time to frantically plan and prep”… 🙂

I’m excited. A tad nervous. But excited.


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  • 1. Rachel  |  August 11, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    I’m going into my third year, and my second year I moved to a new district which means I got to do orientation two years in a row. Most of it was ridiculous and boring and it felt like 4 years of college packed into 3 days. Hopefully your orientation goes better than mine!


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