Bad Idea of the Day

February 11, 2009 at 10:20 am Leave a comment

Today’s bad idea comes courtesy of an eighth grade girl who thought it would be great to open up a campus tavern at her lunch table. She acquired half a bottle of booze from her parents’ liquor cabinet and snuck it to school, then somehow managed to sneak it into the lunchroom despite the fact that we have a backpack-free campus. (Having snuck my fair share of sodas into basketball games, I’m guessing coat sleeve.) She then proceeded to open the bottle under the table and pour generous shots for all of her friends.

A student at an adjoining table realized what was going on and, rather than ask for her fair share of straight Everclear (or whatever lovely beverage the Daily Special was) informed one of the lunch duty teachers.

All of the kids who accepted contraband libations have been suspended. The bartender is in a lot of trouble; not only did she steal from her parents and bring alcohol to school, but she distributed it to a LOT of minors. At the very least, with our zero-tolerance policies, she’s looking at expulsion. She’ll be lucky not to come up with juvie charges.

My question: how in the world do a bunch of eighth grade girls drink any sort of alcohol straight and not just become immediately conspicuous? Most adults will pull a face, and many will holler or gag. I can only imagine what amount of sheer will power must have been exercised for those girls to keep their cool.



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