Seventh Graders Take Citizenship Test, Teacher Wets Self

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Today was something called “Constitution Day,” which I thought was probably something someone made up, but appears to be at least somewhat legitimate. (Or at least it has been since 2004, which is probably why I’d never heard of it – I’ve been busy these last four years.)

In recognition of Constitution Day, it was suggested to us that we incorporate something constitutional into our lessons for the day. We were also supposed to do an organized C. Day activity during Advisory. I’m always happy when they give us something to do during Advisory, since it takes the responsibility for the TWENTY MINUTES FROM HELL off my plate. (Seriously – what a sucky way to end a day. I’ll have to come back to that in another post.)

In my English classes, I threw in an impromptu free speech activity that turned out pretty well. I’ll share some highlights when they turn them in. And in Advisory, I did the prescribed activity – give the kids a watered-down version of the test given to prospective new citizens of our country, and see if they could pass. There were twenty questions. Having taken my fair share of these (hey, I’m married to a government teacher, it happens) I could tell that the questions were certainly the twenty easiest on the list.

My kids rocked that test’s socks off – and by that, I do not in any way suggest that they did well. They just made me laugh until I cried. For your viewing pleasure, I bring you a selection of their answers (original spelling preserved). For the first few, it bears mentioning that there is an American flag hanging at the front of my classroom.

How many stripes are on the United States flag?

  • seven
  • fifteen

What do the stripes represent?

  • each senator
  • thirteen
  • countries
  • seven continents
  • the thirteen cookies [Ed. Note: Freudian slip?]
  • bloodshed
  • governers
  • 13 collinies
  • the old 13 states

How many stars are on the United States flag?

  • thirteen
  • 35
  • 52

What do the stars represent?

  • people who died
  • countrys

Who was the first President of the United States?

  • Amberham Licon
  • Licon
  • Abram Lincon
  • Jefferson
  • [Ed. Note: To be fair, practically everyone wrote George/Gorge Washington/Whashington/Washinton]

What do we celebrate on the 4th of July?

  • fireworks!
  • a war
  • our indepent
  • the freedom of the British
  • when we won our country [Ed. Note: am envisioning a poker game gone horribly wrong]
  • IDK

What is the Constitution?

  • writing
  • the treaty declaring freedom from the british
  • a bunch of laws
  • the declaration of independance
  • the country
  • the people [Ed. Note: these last two sound much more philosophical than I think they really are]
  • a document stating our Bills of Right
  • voting
  • 2 sheets of laws

How many senators are there?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
  • 7
  • 13
  • 17
  • 25
  • 49
  • 50
  • one for each state [Ed. Note: So that would be….?]

Name the three branches of government.

  • Democracy, republican, and somthing else
  • congress, democracy, and republic
  • supreme, presidential, supuriour
  • no clue
  • judicial, elective, independence
  • congress, democracy, republic
  • President, 1 counciler, 2 counciler [Ed. Note: Hmm, I wonder if I teach any Mormon kids?]
  • president, vicepresident, senator

Name the highest court in the United States.

  • President
  • Corperital Court
  • The Judge Room
  • Washington DC
  • The Supreams

What does the Supreme Court do?

  • makes you a citizen of USA
  • take care of the people who have done something really bad
  • justice
  • murder [Ed. Note: merh?]
  • discusses the people
  • run the cuntry

What is the Bill of Rights?

  • dollar bill
  • something to do with rights
  • pay taxes
  • a bill that says what ure rights are
  • something that holds all are rights
  • the right of voting
  • our human rights
  • the first ten commandments
  • a document

Who are the current President and Vice President?

  • Bush and Dick Tracy
  • George W. Bush and No Clue
  • Gorge Bush and Dick Channy
  • Bush and Sarah Paril
  • Doesn’t Bush have some different title, because he’s not actually the President?
  • Isn’t the Vice President some girl?
  • George Bush and Al Gore
  • bush and i do not know
  • Goerge Bush
  • there presidents
  • Gorge W. Bush and McCaine

According to the Constitution, who is allowed to declare war?

  • the military govener
  • the presedent
  • countries
  • Gorge Bush
  • me

What does Congress do?

  • runs the courts?
  • the okay or not okay to what the president decides
  • decide our rights
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ??
  • ???
  • IDK
  • IDK?

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