Junior High Job

June 12, 2008 at 5:52 pm Leave a comment

After school I checked my phone and found that I had a phone message. The exact transcript of the message follows:

Hi, [Mrs. Bees]. This is [Principal], from [Junior High]. Thank you so much for your interview. You did one of the best interviews I’ve ever been involved in, and I also appreciate the note you followed it up with today. We really had a tough choice, to be honest. You were second on the list. We did end up offering the position to someone else; he was just a little more experienced in this area. But please continue to apply for jobs in the [Urban] School District; you are an awesome candidate and I will do what I can to help in any way I can in you getting a position with [Urban] schools. If you have any questions please give me a call at [cell phone number]. Thank you and good luck! Bye bye.

I knew it was a “no” by the time she said her name – you can just tell, you know? A completely different timbre to the voice. My consolation is that if a person must be rejected for a job, this is a very nice way for it to happen. (Someone “in the know” has since confirmed that I was their second choice, and not by a wide margin, so she wasn’t just being kind.) Not only do I have an advocate on the inside – which is more precious than gold – but I know that I did very well on my first interview and that I have what it takes to get hired if there is an opening.

I’m disappointed. Could I not be? The school is beautiful, conveniently located, well-regarded. I had a good rapport with the staff I met. Moreover, it was a job – a job in my preferred district, which rarely falls within reach of those of us fresh out of student teaching. (The other day someone asked me if I hadn’t done my “year of subbing” as if it were a written requirement of applying for a job in Urban District.) A job means Mr. Bees and I can stop worrying, means that we’ll have income and benefits, means that we can officially start the countdown before we start our family.

But I’m okay. It’s just… one of those things, right? It will turn out for the best, I really do believe that. As excited as I had become about the possibility of teaching ninth grade English, I still have a desire to teach seniors. Maybe an opportunity is just waiting for me to stumble upon it.


* I wrote a thank-you note and had Mr. Bees, who was available while I was busy teaching, hand-deliver it for me.


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Finally! Furious. >:(

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