First Day of Teaching

June 10, 2008 at 4:59 pm Leave a comment

Wow. This has been a long day.

Early this morning I found out that a few more people signed up for English 9A, bringing my total up to 17: twelve in the morning, five in the afternoon. That’s good; if the afternoon class hadn’t reached five people they would have canceled it, and I would have lost half my paycheck. It’s also mildly aggravating, in that I now have to figure out how to teach a class of five… and I thought my 11-person second period last year was bad!

My AM class has twelve people, six of each gender; only one is not repeating the class. I have three class-dominators, one whiner, and one invisible girl (or rather, a girl who wishes she were invisible). Fortunately, they all seem to have surprisingly positive attitudes about it all.

My PM class of five has two girls and three boys. I was hoping that they would turn out to be a lively bunch like my AM class, but instead they are a collection of kids who really, REALLY don’t want to be here. It’s going to be a problem. I can’t get any of them to make eye contact, much less open their mouths. My questions and jokes fall on completely apathetic ears. One of the boys was escorted into class by a rather frightening (from his perspective) mother, all but being dragged in by his ear. That’s the general feeling of the entire class – here COMPLETELY against their will. (Odd, considering one is here voluntarily to skip 9th grade English.)

As it turns out, having enough material for three days in a regular class is not the same thing as having enough material for a 3.5-hour class. I ran out of material and had to scramble in a big way – not because there was nothing to teach, but because I didn’t have copies. Or textbooks. Did I mention that I still don’t have textbooks? Or attendance? Or a grade book?

I am feeling very tired about all of this. The morning was fun, but the afternoon was horrible. I actually even told them that this month could either go by quickly or slowly, and that it was up to them – it sure seems like they are intent on making it the longest semester EVER.

Wow. Now I know why they pay summer school teachers so much.


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