Fool April

April 6, 2008 at 9:13 pm 1 comment

Read that title in the voice of an angry, older Southern woman. If you’re not familiar with how that would go, replace the word “fool” with “damn” and let loose.

Okay, for one thing, spring sucks. High school kids come back from Spring Break in a fine state of insanity. And if that isn’t bad enough, I’m feeling it, too. Just because they’re counting down the days until summer doesn’t mean we teachers aren’t, too. But yes – classroom management just changed entirely. If I had 90% cooperation and attention before, it’s down to perhaps 70%. In my regular class, that’s more like 40%.

I am approximately three weeks out from being done with the dawn-til-dusk thing, at which point I guess I either am, or am not, going to be a teacher. Depends on whether or not I completely self-destruct before then.

All of my teacher-type friends assured me that the glitter would fade, that I would “be sick of it” by March. They were wrong. I didn’t get sick of it in March. In fact, I am not tired of it even now. I’m just TIRED. This is most likely due to the WEEK FROM HELL. Ready for this? [Ed. note: Upon writing it down, it doesn’t actually seem all that bad. That’s good.]

Monday, March 31: First day back from Spring Break. Kids have been replaced, mysteriously, by 101 chimpanzees. Most peculiar.

Tuesday, April 1: Nearly get in a car accident. Fall and try to break my ankle during 1st period, in front of an entire class of students (not my own, although some were in later classes). Receive a particularly cold email from a parent disgruntled about her child’s grade on a recent major project. Said email just happens to be the principal of a local school that has a LOT of connections to CHS. Begin to feel a general sense of disapproval from DR. Drop a gallon of milk on my bare toe.

Wednesday, April 2: Ankle still hurts, as do my triceps due to misguided attempts to take my weight off of my ankle. Receive a follow-up cranky email from same parent, who has now shifted her tactics from “bully me into changing to the grade” to “guilt me into changing the grade.” Revamp entire teaching style for 5th period just in time for the principal to come in and observe me. Sit down for evaluation with BR and DR and get chewed out for not clearly explaining my objectives for a creative assessment. Receive all “meets expectations” on evaluation – I guess that’s good?

Thursday, April 3: Fourth straight day of bad tension headaches, third straight day of achy ankle. Everything feels like it is going to hell. One of the other teachers begins to have contractions and DR, excited, tells 2nd period that I am going into labor. This is news to me. I can’t remember anything else especially awful happening that day, other than just feeling like crap. DR tells me that she will sub for me the following day if I am still feeling badly.

Friday, April 4: Still feeling poorly. I email DR to confirm that she is subbing, and send an outline as a reminder for what is happening that day. (Since she’s been in the classroom I don’t bother to send a formal lesson plan.) Unfortunately, what I took as an arrangement was in fact much more tentative, and DR does not get my email until she arrives at school – about 15 minutes after the first class started. I check my email that evening to get a well-deserved arse-chewing. The hardest part was the feeling that I was talked about behind my back to the students; I’m glad that we now know where things aren’t working, but I worry that my classroom presence has been undermined – and I worry that I really am not doing as good a job as I thought I was. Headache does not improve.

Saturday, April 5: Receive a third, now outright angry, email from the Snowflake’s Mother.

Sunday, April 6: Realize that I really don’t understand what DR and BR are looking for from me in terms of objectives. Begin to wonder how long three weeks will take, and what my recommendation letters will look like, if I just completely tank from here out. Ankle still hurts. Head hurts again.


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  • 1. eyeingtenure  |  April 7, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    Ugh. I hate nasty weeks like this. I’m going to nap, now.


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