Exciting Stuff Afoot!

January 19, 2008 at 3:05 pm Leave a comment

CHS returns to school from Christmas break a full two weeks before the university, but exciting things are already afoot. To wit:

  1. Mr. Bees is now in his Block II at CeHS, where he was placed with a real live 12th grade American Government teacher. That’s pretty rare; there are so many more poli sci education majors out there than there are appropriate mentor teachers that a lot of them get placed in junior high history classes. Anyway, he’s loving it so much that he went in every day for the past ten days. Keep in mind that A) he is only required to put in 100 hours this semester B) the semester hasn’t started yet and C) he is most assuredly NOT a morning person.
  2. Yesterday was a half day at CHS, and yet I didn’t leave the school until after 4 PM. Why? Because DR and I were working on getting the classroom ready for my invasion! How cool is it that I now have a desk of my own? That I have the keys to the building and will probably go in this weekend and do my own bulletin boards in preparation for the next unit? That I’ve been given enthusiastic permission to do as I wish with the classroom? Squeee!
  3. It’s not just that she’s so happy to hand over the wheel to me… I have a truly awesome mentor teacher, and I love her to death. I am one lucky sonuvagun. Daughteruvagun? Hmm.
  4. ALL (BUT TWO) OF OUR STUDENTS PASSED THE EOC! One of the students who failed is ELL and is being moved back into the ELL program. The other… well, we need to work on the other.
  5. Our average score for the regular sophomore English class was slightly higher than average for the rest of the department.
  7. I’m putting together a poetry unit that has me disproportionately excited. It is being so much fun, and I’m just shocked – I was honestly expecting not to care for this unit. At this point I would be quite content teaching nothing but poetry all semester. Can’t, of course; there’s Shakespeare and standardized test prep and (ick) Lord of the Flies to contend with.
  8. My dog is spinning around and around and around and around, far in excess of three times, trying to make her pillow comfortable. That’s not related to student teaching, but seems somehow notable…
  9. I’ve been asked to come to lunch twice next week, gratis, and help interview two candidates for new professors of English education at our university. Hate to be out of school, but this seems like an awesome opportunity and way to give back to the program, plus – hey, free lunch! When you are in a two student-teacher household, you don’t turn down free lunches!
  10. Did I ever mention that I got a 4.0 last semester? I’m still kind of buzzed about that.

(Up there at the top… should that have been “to whit”? Things I woulda thought I woulda known…)

There is some bad news, however. Remember Ramona? Well, having given it a semester, she’s decided that this whole “public school” thing is for the birds. I think she’s taking a couple of classes through CHS still, things she couldn’t have gotten through home schooling, but she’s ditching us. Sucks. But she’s hated it from the word go, and hasn’t worked up to her potential, and maybe she’s right – maybe it isn’t for her. We’re disappointed, though, and we’re going to miss her. I would have been quite interested to see what she contributed to our exploration of poetry.


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