First Day of School

August 28, 2007 at 7:38 pm Leave a comment

Today has sucked, and it had relatively little to do with student teaching. (As it turns out, I’m not a student teacher until next semester – I’m an intern teacher. Whatever.)

This morning I woke up at 3 AM. Not sure what happened – whether it was animals sleeping on me, or bad dreams, or what – but I woke up drenched in sweat. Icky enough, but when you’ve got a dermal allergy to your own sweat… yeah. So then I was scratching the skin off of my legs. I go into the bathroom to try to tend to things aaaaaand the light has burned out, so there’s a pitch black bathroom. I find the benadryl. But it’s only four hours until I get up, and even a half dose of benadryl drugs me for 12 hours. I decide to take half of a pill, which I do by biting it in half and swallowing dry. Blech.

At seven Mr. Bees wakes me up. I am, as is to be expected, drugged – even with only a quarter dose. I manage to get up, thank myself for picking out my outfit the night before, and get dressed. The light in the bathroom is still burned out, which means no shower and a truckload of inconvenience with the whole contacts/makeup/hair routine.

At the allotted time I get in my car and head to CHS. There’s a big hill that I drive up, turn right, go half a block, and there’s the school. Well, I’m sitting at a red light at the bottom of that hill, and when the light changed I shifted into first… second… third. When I shift into third there’s a tiny grinding noise, like I didn’t have the clutch all the way in – and suddenly, I have no gears. Just third. The gear shifter just wobbles back and forth with no resistence, no action. I get to the top of the hill (thank goodness I made it to third gear) and turn into the parking lot of a sandwich shop. Turn off the car, let it sit, turn it back on, try again. Still no gears. (It turns out that I snapped my gear shift cable.)

I’m half a block from the high school’s parking lot – maybe a block from the school – and I’ve got an armload of textbooks, a sack lunch, a satchel, a skirt, and heels. All of these things, except the armload of textbooks, accompany me on a walk of shame to the school, where I am – barely – on time.

School happens. I feel awkward in the first class, but get into the groove of things after that, and do some work with small groups discusing Ishmael, a book I’m going to have to read because so many of them hated it. 🙂 I think I’m going to like this quite a lot, actually. My mentor teacher, DR, is awesome – more about that in a later post – and the kids are great….
After school I get a ride from my mom, detour to an office supply store to get some things I need, and then go to “how to teach English” class. It’s going to be a good one, I think. After class, I call Mr. Bees to pick me up. I mishear his instructions about where he’ll pick me up, and consequently miss him. He is less than totally amused.

I get home, change into jeans (ahhh, blessed denim) and check my email. Dell has pushed back delivery of my laptop another week, making it a grand total of nearly a month overdue. Do not buy a Dell – it’s not worth it. The machine may be great – it damn well better be – but the customer service is insufferable.

Now I have dinner, because Mr. Bees cooks good dinners when he gets home before me, and a kitty who is very sweet, and a car which may need extensive, expensive, and time-consuming repairs, and no computer, AND I apparently forgot to tell my boss that I wouldn’t be in today – or else she forgot – so that may be fun tomorrow morning. I have to go now, because my cat keeps trying to bat my chicken with his paw, and I think that’s going to be a non-starter for me.


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Tenth Grade Accelerated! Notes from my First Day

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