Tenth Grade Accelerated!

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Today I meet with my mentor teacher. I’m going to be working with accelerated tenth grade English, which makes me VERY happy. It’s as close as possible to my desired age group (junior high, 7-9) and it’s accelerated, which is something I hadn’t dared to hope for. I won’t be able to catch the kids today, as they’re having a half day of school, but I’ll meet with my mentor and make a schedule, and find out what it’s all about.

In other news, I slept HORRIBLY last night. My mind just would not settle down and shut up. I’d blame the too-late diet Coke, except that caffeine doesn’t usually have that much of an impact on me, and besides, I know better. I’m excited and scared pantsless. Slept like crap, and had a devil of a time picking what to wear. What do you wear when you’re meeting your mentor teacher for the first time, but not the students, but need to be able to kneel and stuff at work, and also need to be able to run across campus to get to your car so that you can get to your high school as quickly as possible? I finally ended up with lavenderish-gray dockers and a black and white button-down blouse, and I’m going to wear gray sneakers, but assure my mentor that I wouldn’t wear them to school (if she notices, and if all the teachers aren’t wearing sneakers anyway). A girl’s got to make some concessions to practicality…

Tomorrow, if things go according to plan, I’ll be in the classroom with the students.

Yesterday I was reading a piece written by high schoolers to teachers to help them improve. One of the recurring themes was “we teenagers don’t think of ourselves as kids, so don’t treat us like kids.” I have a bad habit of calling people as old as seniors in college “kids” – going to have to watch that one, huh. I also have a probably unbreakable habit of calling young people, particularly boys, “hon.” Not sure how that’s going to work out.

Classes begin today all over, from the public schools to the university. I’ve got something called “content literacy” tonight from 6-9, and no one – even people who have taken it – has really been able to explain to me what this class is or how people of different subject areas can be taught content literacy in the same class. Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I have some sort of high level “how to teach English” class from 4:40 to 5:55. Thursday I have my special education course from 6-9, which presents an interesting dilemma since I also have to work on Thursday from 3 until 10. Season opener…. I’ve been in touch with my professor, and I think we can work something out. Hopefully.

Still no computer. Poo.

Am trying, in off moments, to master the “scoop toss” so that I can learn how to juggle. I think I am either doing something wrong, or am hopelessly clumsy and uncoordinated. Am also trying to convince Mr. Bees to learn; he wants to be able to do it, but hasn’t shown any interest in the learning process, which probably bodes ill for actual long-term success. In somewhat better news, I found our good electric toothbrushes, so we can stop using the manual ones.

Wouldn’t it be neat if Mr. Bees and I worked at the same school and both knew how to juggle and could be the crazy married teachers who juggled at special events? (Some of you are now thinking, “If by ‘neat’ you mean ‘impossibly lame’,” but you are the kind of people who wouldn’t appreciate real neatness if it smacked you in the nose.)

Our church, which is half a block from Mr. Bees’ old high school, is calling for people to help with the youth groups. One thing they need is people to chaperone the youth house after schools. Just imagine, if we could work at that school, and then after school go over to the youth house, and the poor kids would be like, “Awwww, man, Mrs. Bees, what are you doing here?” And I’d be like, “You don’t have time to play ping pong, you’ve got an essay due tomorrow and you still owe me that worksheet on chapter 3!” And they’d be like, “Awwww, man, this sucks.” And then I’d be like, “Hooray, now I get to play ping pong.”


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Meeting my Mentor! First Day of School

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